Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack

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The Egg Skelter is the Perfect way to display, store and keep your eggs easy to hand.This is a fun way to turn egg storage into a novel talking point, the holder will hold between 20 eggs depending on the size.


Strong and well built: The Egg Skelter is super sturdy, holds a LOT of eggs, and even has a rotating base to make it easy to access from all sides without moving. You wont have issues with eggs cracking.

Appealing and Organised: The attractive Egg Skelter design will build an alluring presence. The different shades of browns look so lovely in it, You can now leave them on the counter and know which eggs are the oldest, and use them first!

Large storage: This is exactly what you will need If you have hens who are laying 5 -6 eggs a week. This Egg Skelter eliminates the need to sort or date your eggs. It will hold 20 to 25 eggs depending on the sizes. It has a very stable base and takes up little counter space. If you have fresh eggs to store you can't go wrong with this item.



Certain that you use your eggs in rotation as they come down the shelter skelter shaped rack

Size: 30cm (H) X 18cm (W) approx