3-Sided Toothbrush for Special Sensory Needs, SEN, Autism

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- An effective toothbrush for those with autism or with special needs.

- Surrounds all 3 sides of the teeth at once, giving superior cleaning in a short amount of time.

- Excellent for those who are overly sensitive to brushing their teeth and those who are orally defensive or have oral motor issues.

DenTrust gives you the help needed to clean teeth and gums in hard to reach areas and give efficient dental care. 

Proven to be more effective than standard nylon toothbrushes in fighting plaque and reducing gum disease in hard to reach areas, and the interior gum line.

The advanced three-sided design that surrounds the teeth and actually positions the bristles at the professionally recommended 45 angle.

The unique design makes it useful for children with limited movement as it guides the brush-stroke, helping them brush correctly and independently.  

For parents who help with brushing but only get ten seconds or so to work with a brush in their children's mouths, you can get maximum brushing effectiveness in minimal time as the whole tooth is being cleaned, not just one side at a time.

For orthodontic patients, it is a terrific tool for reaching teeth encumbered by braces.

An additional benefit: the innovative tongue scraper is an effective tool in eliminating bad breath.

- Soft Bristles

- Cleans 3 sides simultaneously

- Stimulates Gums

- 200% softer than nylon

- Tongue Scraper

- Ideal for Special Needs & Sensory Processing Disorder