Air Revitaliser (Purifier)

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Gone are the times when air purifiers for homes were considered a luxury. It has now become a necessity—as essential as food, water and air. Air. As we head into the winter months, the air quality outdoors becomes worse since the pollution that is generated from various sources gets trapped because of differences in air pressure, moisture and wind speeds. When the same poor-quality air streams inside our homes and remains trapped, we need a solution to deal with the dangerous cocktail brewing inside our homes. 

Our solution- The Air Revitaliser Purifier is ideal for a range of air purification applications. If you are thinking about ways to better your home, health and work environment, then look no further.

Even the cleanest homes can contain dust, pet dander, pollen, and fumes. If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or other lung problems, these airborne irritants can make it harder to breathe. 

Although it’s impossible to remove all of the particles, a Air Revitlaizer (also known an an air purifier) may reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. 

“Since many people with COPD have sensitive airways and problems with allergies as well, an air cleaner may be worth a try,” says Norman Edelman, MD, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association. “It’s not going to make a huge difference in their illness, but it may be beneficial.”

Moreover, the air revitaliser can help avoid irritants by minimising your exposure to anything that could irritate your airways, which triggers both mucus production and coughing. The first and most important thing to avoid is smoke. If you’re a smoker, work with a professional to help kick the habit as quickly as possible. However you may also want to consider air purifiers to remove allergens, dust, and other airborne irritants. An Air revitaliser can also help with air quality while moistening the air to soothe your airways.



    • 84% of users say the Air revitaliser provided clean indoor air
    • 89% of users say it improved their breathing
    • 76% of heart and lung patients say they felt much better after daily use



      • Improving your breathing
      • Clean the air you breathe
      • Helps remove allergens and pollutants 
      • Improving your indoor air humidity



An air revitaliser purifier is not a substitute for the standard medical treatment that doctors recommend for this serious disease. However, it can make life significantly more bearable. One of the consequences of narrower airways is the that airborne particles the respiratory system can normally accommodate and filter out get trapped in the airways instead, causing painful, difficult breathing. These particles include dust, pollen, chemicals, pet dander, allergens and more: the byproducts of everyday life that healthy lungs can handle, but can wreak havoc on sensitive or restricted airways.

When your lungs are stressed from reduced capacity, or inflammation, any irritation from airborne particulates or chemicals can make your breathing even more difficult. This makes clean, filtered air crucial to successful symptom management. An air purifier will help remove the airborne irritants before they can come in contact with your lungs and contribute to breathing difficulties. For many people, an air purifier is an excellent complementary strategy and a critical source of comfort and relief.

Prevention is always the key to remaining healthy, so placing air purifiers in every major room of your home and in your workplace will help prevent airway and lung damage for people who are at risk of contracting COPD. If you have to choose just one room, we recommend the bedroom, where you spend at least 8 hours of your day and where essential, restorative rest takes place. Breathing more easily throughout the night will give you the energy to take on the day.

If you or a loved one already suffers from COPD, using an air purifiers will prevent your stressed airways from being further stressed by the task of filtering out new particulates and chemicals.

02 Dimensions: 

• Air Revitaliser: 18cm (H) x 18cm (D)
• Cable Length: 130cm

• 220 - 240V / AC 50Hz
• 14W
• Water Capacity: Min 250ml / Max 650ml
• Coverage of Air Washing: 30m2
• Continuous duration: 24 hours 
• UK Standard 3 Pin Plug
• CE Certified, RoHS Compliant

Package Contents: 
1 x Air Revitaliser (White)
3 x 10ml Fragrances (Garden of Eden, Sandalwood, Wild Berries)


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