Fred Dinner Winner Children's Dinner Tray

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Dinner Winner makes food fun and helps to take the difficulty out of meal time with fussy eaters. The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special covered treat awaits, so even the fussiest eaters will clean their plate! Dinner Winner is moulded from 100% virgin melamine, is BPA free and dishwasher-safe.

It is possible that sensory issues with food may be part of the underlying reason your child is selective about what they eat.

Red Flags for Sensory Issues with Food

    • Eats only specific types of textures. Most of the time the preference is crunchy foods, but sometimes soft foods are the preferred. This preference can even be carried over to highly specific requests of certain brands, colors, and flavors of food.
    • Gags at the sight, smell, touch, or taste of foods.
    • Avoids or dislikes their hands getting messy, and I’m not just talking about at meals. 

Strategy For A Sensory Food Aversion

The Dinner Winner can be very powerful when used consistently over a period of at least 4-6 weeks because they help to desensitize the sensory system.

Dinner Winners are great for kids because they receive loads of tactile stimulation and it encourages imaginative play. On the other hand they are particularly helpful for children that are tactile defensive (experiencing discomfort when touching various textures). Because these trays usually catch the curiosity of a child, they will often push themselves out of their comfort level to explore.
If you suspect that your child may have a limited diet because they don’t like certain textures of food, using Fred Dinner wInner trays will begin to help desensitize them to various textures and may help them feel more comfortable with the textures they eat
Last, Dinner Winners may be a great activity to include in a sensory diet, depending on the child’s needs.



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  • Dinner Winner makes food fun!
  • Molded from 100% virgin melamine
  • Food-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Size: 30cm x 21cm x 2cm